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Sex Tip for Virgins / Christian Brides

Are you searching for sex tips? Are you a virgin seeking advice on wedding night sex? Do you want sex advice but not on a site that is filled with pornography and inappropriate junk? Here are a few sex tips for virgin brides that might help you start your sex life off great. Sex is a gift from God and is a very important part of your marriage. Here are a few sex tips for virgins and Christian brides.

#1: Be sure to have plenty of lubricant available.

While you may not need it, it’s a great idea to purchase lubricant to have available if necessary. Lubricant will make sex much less painful and more enjoyable if you are experiencing vaginal dryness. There are numerous types of lubricant available and can be purchased at Wal-Mart or similar stores. If you are too embarrassed to buy them in person, you can order them online from Christian websites.

Unfortunately some lubricant might cause irritation during sex, so it might be a good idea to experiment with the different brands to find which one works best for you. While it has not been proven, some believe that lubricants can cause yeast infections. If you are very prone to yeast infections, you might try using a lubricant called pre-seed. Visit their website here to learn more. Pre-seed is unfortunately very expensive compared to most lubricants. It is actually used for women who are trying to conceive a baby as it does not kill sperm the way that other lubricants do. However, some women who have frequent yeast infections have noticed they do not when using pre-seed. (Obviously, since this lubricant can make you more fertile, be sure to take your birth control faithfully.)

#2: If you’ve had problems inserting tampons, consider using dilators for the few weeks before your wedding.

If you are worried you might be too small, and/or have had difficult inserting tampons, it might be a good idea to use dilators before your wedding night. You might talk to your doctor about this if you aren’t sure. However, as a general rule, if you have difficult inserting the large tampons, this might be an issue for you. You can order vaginal dilators from various websites. Using these dilators might make sex a little easier for you on our wedding night.

#3: Visit Christian websites and forums that offer advice on sex.

Have a question, are you too embarrassed to ask your doctor? Needing advice on a specific situation? It can be very beneficial to join a Christian forum / message board about sex. For some helpful links, please read “Christian Sex Advice Websites: Discuss Married Sex Online in a Pornography Free Environment.” The forums at the Marriage Bed can be particularly helpful. There is even a section just for those who are engaged and needing advice.

#4: Read Christian books about sex before your wedding.

You can also learn some helpful tips and advice by reading Christian books about sex. For some suggestions, please check out “Best Christian Sex Books: Sex Tips for Christians”. You might also be sure to have these books handy in your first few months of marriage.

#5: Be prepared for a little pain, but be optimistic.

It is normal to have some pain during your first sexual experience. It can happen the first few times you have intercourse. Using dilators (sex tip #2) might help prevent this. You also might experience some bleeding, or you might not. Even if you have been using tampons for ten years, it is still likely to be painful the first few times.

#6: Be sure to visit your doctor before you get married.

It’s important to visit the gynecologist for a check-up before your get married, if you haven’t already. You can discuss birth control options with him or her. You will have a pap smear, discuss self-breast exams and more.

#7: Talk openly with your future husband about sex before the big day.

Communication is one of the keys to a great marriage. Be sure to talk openly with your husband about your future sex life. You might even ask questions such as “How often do you want to have sex after we get married?”, etc.

#8: Get premarital counseling and/or attend an engagement class through churches.

Most Christian couples will attend some premarital counseling sessions before getting married. This is beneficial for many reasons and can help start your marriage off to a great start. Most churches offer premarital counseling. You might ask the minister officiating your wedding if he offers it.

These are just eight sex tips for Christians. For some more marriage advice, please check our blog Congratulations and best wishes as you start your marriage!